Extreme Light Group

Open positions


Prof. Daniele Faccio (Professor of Quantum Technologies)
Dr Ashley Lyons (RAeng Research Fellow, Proleptic Lecturer)
Dr Maria Chiara Braidotti (Lecturer)

Research Associates

Dr. Giulia Marcucci - the physics of complexity, neuromorphics
Dr. Ilya Starshynov - Quantum imaging and dynamic light control
Dr. Kevin Mitchell - Computational imaging
Dr. Ewan McGhee - Physics for Life Sciences - Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy
Dr. Vytautas Zickus - Physics for Life Sciences - quantum cameras for bio-imaging
Dr. Areeba Fatima - Physics for Life Sciences - computational techniques for bio-imaging
Dr. Haobo Li - Medical Imaging
Dr. Samuel Nerenberg - Imaging technologies
Dr. Richard Lane - Single Photon Imaging in bio-systems
Dr. Chaitanya Kaul - AI imaging
Dr. Valentin Kapitany - Computational Imaging
Dr. Jack Radford - Diffuse optical tomography

PhD students

Raul Mendoza - Quantum Imaging
Matthias Aquilina - quantum sensing
Mansa Madhusudan - bio-imaging
Ashutosh Swain - quantum sensing for fundamental physics
Euan Millar - bio-imaging
Valeria Pais - AI for imaging
Gao Wang - Computational imaging with the brain
Philip Binner - Neuro-imaging
Oliver Neill - Photonic Neuromorphics
Khaled Kassem - Imaging
Marija Vaskeviciute - Medical Imaging
Athanasios Tragakis - Computational Imaging
Ivi Afxenti - Nonlinear quantum optics
Dionysis Adamou - Squeezed light sensors
Lijun Yu - Quantum photonics
Vytautas Gradauskas - bio-imaging

Previous group members and students

Patrick Cameron<- Quantum Imaging
Dr. Marko Toros - Quantum fundamentals
Marco Aversa - AI imaging
Dr. Marion Cromb - Quantum concepts
Dr Hugo Defienne Quantum Imaging
Dr Adetunmise Dada Quantum sensing and comms
Radivoje Prizia - Quantum optics and GR analogues
Dr. Muhammad Diyan - mmWave imaging
Dr. Piergiorgio Caramazza - Imaging technologies
Dr. Yash Shah - Quantum optics and metasurfaces
Dr. Charles Altuzarra - Quantum and bio-imaging
Lucrezia Cester - SPAD camera applications
Dr. Bienvenu Ndgano - Quantum sensing
Dr. Vincenzo Bruno - Epsilon-Near-Zero physics
Ahmed Elmubarak - LIDAR
Christy Simpson - Quantum optics
Dr. Yongzhuang Zhou - Physics for Life Sciences - quantum cameras for bio-imaging
Gabriella Musarra - Imaging technologies
Calum Maitland (Biancalana group) - Light in rotating media
Niclas Westerberg (PhD student) - Analogue gravity and photon superfluids - theory
Dr. James Brooks (Research Associate) - Remote sensing
Abhijit Pendse (visiting PhD student) - Photon superfluid theory
Dr. Omair Ghafur (Research Associate) - Computational Imaging technology
Dr. Angus Prain (Marie-Curie Fellow) - Analogue gravity - theory
Dr. Thomas Roger (Research Associate) - Nonlinear light-matter interaction in novel geometries
Dr. Kali Wilson (Research Associate) - Photon superfluids
Dr. Alessandro Boccolini (Research Associate) - Computational Imaging technologies
Dr. Stefano Vezzoli (Research Associate) - Quantum optics
Hatef Dinparasti (PhD student) - Classical and quantum effects in time-dependent media
Dr. Lucia Caspani (Marie-Curie Fellow) - Quantum optics and N-photon states
Dr. David Vocke (Research Associate) - Photon superfluids
Chester Moore (PhD student) - Photon superfluids
Genevieve Gariepy (PhD student) - Femtocamera and quantum imaging technologies
Rishad Kaipurath (PhD student) - Time refraction and metamaterial nonlinearities
Shraddha Rao (PhD student) - Novel nonlinear interaction geometries
Dr. Matteo Clerici (Research Associate) - THz and quantum technologies
Dr. Constantin Aniculaesei (Research Associate) - Novel Imaging technologies
Julius Heitz (former MPhys student) - Nonlinear dynamics in chi2/chi3 media - experiments
Mihail Petev (MSc student) - Computational imaging
Dr. Chunyong Li (Research Associate) - Experimental officer, pulse compression techniques
Dr. Daniel Moss (Research Associate)
Dr. Eleonora Rubino (Research Associate) - Hawking radiation and mode conversion at optically induced horizons
Antonio Lotti (PhD) - Extreme nonlinear optics and attosecond pulse generation
Paolo Polesana (PhD) - Conical Waves in nonlinear optics and applications
Alessandro Averchi (PhD) - Conical Waves: therole of phase and group velocity in nonlinear processes
Mahboubeh Ghalandari (PhD) - Optics in moving media
Christopher King (BSc) - Dynamical Casimir effects
Vera Sala (MSc) - Experimental observation of Hawking radiation
Fabio Bonaretti (MSc) - Novel phase and amplitude reconstruction techniques for ultrashort laser pulses

External Collaborations

University of Arizona, Tucson USA - E. Wright, J. Moloney, M. Kolesik, F. Willomitzer
University of Southampton - H. Ulbricht, A. Peacock
Heriot-Watt University - J. Leach, E. Gauger
University of Edinburgh - R. Henderson
University of Vilnius, Lithuania - A. Dubietis, Z. Balevicius
Politecnico di Milano, Italy - F. Villa, F. Zappa, G. Cerullo
EPFL, Switzerland - E. Charbon
Sorbonne, Paris, France - H. Defienne

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