Life in the Labs

The XLight group is divided into three main `labs' that group together smaller teams working on similar topics. Whilst all projects have a lead scientist and everyone has their main research-focus, most projects are carried out as team efforts with typically 3-4 scientists all contributing with their own, diverse expertise to the various aspects of the research.

HAL life

The Human Augmentation Lab mostly involves working with equipment such as EEG, fNIRS and home-made equipment. We also provide training and access to the Advanced Research Centre biology labs for activities such as neuron culture growth and bio-sample preparation.

quantum life

The Quantum Fundamentals Lab relies on a mix of theory and lab work, aimed at developing new-generation sensors for testing and probing the fundamental questions that lie at the heart of quantum mechanics.

imaging life

The Computational and Quantum Imaging Lab supports research mostly focused on the development of next-generation quantum microscopes but also includes on computational imaging methods for other applications such as non line of sight imaging and imaging through diffusive media.


Our research has been supported over the years and is currently supported by a number of external funders, without whom our work would not be possible. Thank you!


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