In Glasgow's Particle Physics Theory Group we perform world class research on fundamental particles and their interactions. We are interested in phenomena that can be probed at current and next generation particle colliders, such as the Tevatron and the Large Hadron Collider. We use our current model of particle physics, the Standard Model, to make predictions that can be tested by our experimental colleagues. We also examine models of exotic new physics beyond the Standard Model.

In particular, we focus on the behaviour of the strong force as described by Quantum Chromodynamics, both in perturbation theory and on the lattice; the physics of the Higgs boson; and models beyond the Standard Model such as supersymmetry, extra dimensions and little Higgs. You can find more details in our research section.

Career Opportunities

We are inviting applications for a faculty position in theoretical particle physics with a preference for lattice QCD or Collider Phenomenology. This position is available at either junior faculty level (lecturer is equivalent to a US assistant professor) or more senior level (reader is just below full professor in the UK system) depending on the level of experience of applicants.

An advert and link to the application process can be found at the university's Job Vacancies by entering reference number 012393.

The closing date is March 20th 2016 and interviews will be held on April 18th/19th in Glasgow. For informal discussion about the position and the application requirements please contact Professor Davies.

If you are would like to apply for an external research fellowship such as an Ernest Rutherford Fellowship or a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and would like our support, please contact a member of our academic staff.

If you would like to apply to do postgraduate research please take a look at our postgraduate opportunities.


We are part of the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA), funded by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council. The particle physics theme promotes enhanced collaboration between the theory and experimental groups in Glasgow and Edinburgh, with a joint training programme for graduate students and regular physics meetings.

We are members of the international HPQCD collaboration and the UK-wide UKQCD consortium on lattice gauge theory.

We are also part of the network HEPTOOLS RTN "Tools and Precision calculations for Physics Discoveries at Colliders", which aims to develop computational tools and theoretical understanding to enhance our exploration of physics we may uncover at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the International Linear Collider (ILC).