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Word (Excel,PowerPoint,Entourage) works just once after installation, then on subsequent starts it errors out with the usual 'Report to Microsoft' dialogue.

Fix: Remove these files: ~/Library/Preferences/* - i.e. any file in that directory that starts with (reputed to mostly work)

Word crashes repeatedly caused by a corrupt file ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/User Templates/Normal.dotm

Possible Fix: Create a new user account, launch Word (should start normally if the above file is the cause of the crashes), then copy the new dotm file over the corrupt one.

Word crashes repeatedly caused by corrupt fonts

Possible Fix: Isolate troublesome fonts by moving them out of the font folder. Font Doctor can diagnose font problems in demonstration mode (but not move them).

Operational gotcha's

Saving to a network volume from within an Office application

Possible workarounds:

save to the desktop and then copy to the network volume (Preferred)
remount the network volume many times
disable any scanning by anti-virus programs (Note - Do not remove the AV program, just turn off 'on-access' scanning)
turn off spotlight for the O/S partition
use the 'Open' menu item instead of double-clicking the document

You cannot use Spaces with Office 2008 - Office simply will not work reliably with Spaces.