Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics accounts explained

The Department of Physics and Astronomy uses two accounts systems internally.

Unix accounts are created by the Faculty IT Office, primarily to give access to the Departments' email system, but it also allows logging in to properly configured linux computers. A Unix account is also known as a 'login account', an 'email account', a 'Unix user name' , a 'NIS account' or a 'yellowpages account'.

Windows accounts are created by the Faculty IT Office (or a group IT Technician, if you have one and they have the necessary permissions) and they allow access to machines that are in the GUPHYSICS Windows domain. They also allow access to any shared folders or other assets on GUPHYSICS Servers that you may have permission to use.

Glasgow University use (currently) a Novell accounts system, which allows access to central services (Library, HR site, Moodle etc). You should be automatically given an account when your employment contract is processed by HR, but you are not necessarily informed of the details. Within the department, you don't need this log in account, unless you are using the Agresso or Bi-Query (accounting) systems or accessing any other central service requiring a login.
To complicate matters even further, there is also a Unix account available from the University, which seems to allow access to various Unix boxes around the University, and may also be used by some Central Services (no information is available as to which ones as yet).

Visitors to Glasgow University may, if the meet the criteria, apply for an account to allow them to access Central Resources. A form is available here. Note that the Head of Department must sign this form.

Some Research Groups may have a further login system for local servers (or services) - see your local IT Technician for details.

So, in summary, for day-to-day access to Departmental computing resources, you will need a Departmental Unix/Linux account (essential for email), a GUPHYSICS Windows domain account ( for access to any Departmental Windows desktop, and, if your Group has them, a Group account). For Moodle, the Library and other Central Services, a GUID (Glasgow Unique IDentifier) account is used.

For information on the GUID:
GUID Information

To register immediately, go here:
GUID Registration