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Server Racks from Kneurr (or Knurr)

For the new server room, the method chosen for the most efficient use of the cooling equipment installed is "cold-aisle containment". For this to be effective, the racks used to house the servers need to be uniform. For that reason, it was decided that racks purchased from a specialist who could repeat the order over a period of time would be mandatory. The racks chosen were from Kneurr (or Knurr). The details are;

Miracel Server Rack 42U x 600W x 1000DP
Part No: M4261SVRm (modified)
- 1 x basic frame
- 4 x ‘C’ shaped verticals
- 2 x side panels
- 1 x top cover
- 1 x earthing kit
- 1 x set of transit castors
- Levelling feet

Supplied: Assembled
Finish: Light Grey, RAL 7035

Cage nuts (M5 (type 2) plate 2.5mm part no: 050415187)
Bolts to suit (Oval head screw part no: 050413319)
1U blanking plates (1U 19” Quick Release Blanking Panel (incl fixings) Part No: M119QRBP )

For “cold-aisle containment”, a minimum of 2 racks are needed (see here and here) and if you cannot fill the racks, blanking plates must be used to fill the empty spaces to maintain the separation of the cold air from the hot.

There are drawings available from the following links

Cabinet outline
Cabinet (top view)
(Note that the Cable Tray shown is not included in the price)

Lead times are 10 days minimum, and delivery is expensive, but the base price is quite reasonable.

Prices as at 24th August 2008 (but always obtain your own quote)

Per Cabinet £284.03
Delivery £190.00 (per two cabinets)
Blanking Plates £3.17 each
Cage Nuts £10.00 (50)
Bolts £5.00 (50)

Knurr have been added to the Agresso Suppliers list as Supplier id 29607. Use the tax code EU.

Questions to Faculty IT Office (ext 2956)