Department of Physics and Astronomy

New Physics and Astronomy Computer Accounts

Existing members of staff can request accounts for new members of staff by filling in the New Account(s) Request form.

The simple steps are:

  • Fill in the New Account(s) Request form
  • Wait to receive an email asking you to send a reply to it to start the process of making the account(s).
  • Wait to receive a printable form (via email - may take up to 24 hrs) that you should print out and have the new staff member sign (in your presence).
  • Direct the new staff member to the Faculty IT Room (Room 238) with the form, where they will be given their password and email address.

Please note that if you do not reply to the initial email, no accounts will be made up. This 'double confirmation' method allows us to operate this system with out a log-in, and if you should get a request for a reply that you did not send, please contact the Faculty IT Office on ext 2956, so we can track down the problem.

The idea of this is to simplify the account creation process, not have new members of staff running all over the building to get three different accounts and then have to initially manage three different logins and passwords, and it also introduces them to the Faculty IT Office where they may obtain IT related help.

If there are any queries regarding the procedure or use of the forms, please contact the Faculty IT Office on ext 2956.