Prof Andy Harvey


Andy Harvey

Andy Harvey has been a Professor of Optics within the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow since January 2012. He leads the Imaging Concepts Group in fundamental and applied research in computational optical imaging, hyperspectral imaging and biomedical imaging.

Brief CV:

 1990: PhD St Andrews University: Quasi-optical mm-wave instrumentation
1990-95: St Andrews University: Post doctoral research in mm-wave instrumentation for fusion plasma diagnostics and pre-detector optical processing.
1995-99: DERA (now QinetiQ) Malvern: research in mm-wave imaging, adaptive optics, advanced imaging, fibre-optic sensors
1999-2001: Cranfield University: Senior Lecturer
2001-2011: Heriot-Watt University: Senior Lecturer; Professor of Optics,  Director of IDC in Optics and Photonics Technologies
2012- School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow, Professor of Optics


The Imaging Concepts Group conducts research into a wide range of optical imaging and sensing techniques, including:

  Hyperspectral Imaging

  Computational Imaging including
      - Wavefront Coding
      - Coded Aperture Imaging

  Biomedical and Retinal Imaging

  MM-wave and Aperture-Synthetic Imaging

Research Overview
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 Fellow of the Institute of Physics and  Treasurer (previously Chair) of the IoP  Optical and Photonics Division and past Chair of the Optical Group. He currently serves on the IoP  Group Co-ordination Committee. He is active in organising a range of IoP conferences, meetings and sponsored events, including: having chaired the OPD components of Photon 04, 06 and 08, and Chairing bienial meetings dating back to 2000 in Imaging in the Eye and in Spectral Imaging and  HSI 2011, 2012.

Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Active with SPIE and OSA including Chair of Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging conference and an OSA Prize committee.

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