Prof. Stuart Reid

Prof. Stuart Reid

Prof. Stuart Reid

Honorary Lecturer


Publications (Glasgow eprint repository)

Professor at the University of the West of Scotland

Research Interests: The detection of gravitational waves from the largest and most violent astrophysical sources still requires the most sensitive displacement detectors ever to be constructed. I investigate materials to be used in the optics of future second and third generation interferometers in addition to studies on silicate bonding techniques.

The materials research is largely focussed on studying the mechanical dissipation within substrate and suspension materials, where materials (such as silicon) proposed for third generation detectors are being tested in the lab in Glasgow down to cryogenic temperatures. Analytical and computational modeling (Ansys) is typically required for the analysis of such measurements.

Silicate bonding has been found to be an ideal jointing technique for optical systems, allowing very high degrees of precision, rigidity and stability.

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