Prof. Norna Robertson

Prof. Norna Robertson

Prof. Norna Robertson



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Professional Affiliations: FRSE, FInstP, FRAS, FAPS

In 2003 Norna Robertson moved to Stanford University as a research scientist, while retaining a part-time professorship at Glasgow. In 2007 she moved to California Institute of Technology to join the LIGO project as a lead scientist, still continuing her connection with Glasgow.

Research Interests: Experimental work towards the detection of gravitational waves. Her recent work has been focused on the development of ultra-low noise multiple pendulum suspension systems for use in Advanced LIGO. While at Stanford she was the Cognizant Scientist for the Suspensions subsystem for Advanced LIGO, with responsibility to oversee the scientific development in this area from teams working in the USA and UK, including Glasgow. Since moving to Caltech she has become leader of this subsystem, taking on further responsibilities in a managerial capacity as well as continuing her scientific role.