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Dr Mariëlle van Veggel

Dr Mariëlle van Veggel

Dr Mariëlle van Veggel

Honorary Research Fellow


Publications (Glasgow eprint repository)

Within the Institute for Gravitational Research, I am part of the thermal noise group. This group focusses on materials research for the reduction of thermal noise in the test masses of interferometric gravitational wave detectors. My research interest is principally focussed jointing techniques for the assembly of quasi-monolithic test-mass suspensions; hydroxide catalysis bonding in particular. But indium bonding is also of interest.

After the successful installation of the advanced LIGO test masses, which are made of fused silica and are suspended on fused silica fibres which are in turn hydroxide catalysis bonded via interface pieces - 'ears' - to the sides of these masses, our research is now focussing on exploring the possibility of using these jointing techniques in silicon and/or sapphire test mass suspensions.

The Japanese KAGRA detector, which is currently under construction, will have sapphire test mass suspensions. For the Einstein Telescope, which is in predesign phase, silicon test mass suspensions are being considered.

Properties of bonds under investigation for these detectors are strength, mechanical loss, Young's modulus and bond thickness. Also I work on other (potential) applications of hydroxide catalysis bonding; e.g. the assembly of silicon sensors in particle detectors, and the assembly of high power laser crystals. For these applications we research the optical properties (reflectivity and refractive index) and the practical approach into how to assemble these devices.