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Mr Michael Perreur-Lloyd

Mr Michael Perreur-Lloyd

Mr Michael Perreur-Lloyd

Research Fellow


Publications (Glasgow eprint repository)

Research Interests: Chartered Mechanical Design Engineer involved in the design of precision opto- and electro-mechanical instruments and ground support equipment for space and ground-based gravitational wave observatories. I am currently a senior project engineer for the UK Optical Bench team (University of Glasgow and UK Astronomy Technology Centre) developing space-flight technologies towards the ESA-led, NASA partnered LISA mission.

My previous work as project engineer for the Glasgow LISA Pathfinder team involved the design, engineering and product assurance of the Flight Model Optical Bench Interferometer and the associated assembly tooling. Prior to that I worked on the development of multiple mass suspensions and structures for Advanced LIGO, GEO 600 and the Glasgow 10metre JIF Facility.

In other work, in collaboration with researchers from Particle Physics (PPE) and the Materials and Condensed Matter Physics (MCMP) groups, I supported the commercial development of a Medipix detector for electron microscopy. The design is currently licenced to Quantum Detectors Limited.

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