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Prof. Ik Siong Heng

Prof. Ik Siong Heng

Prof. Ik Siong Heng



Publications (Glasgow eprint repository)

I has been performing research on the analysis of data from gravitational wave detectors since 1995. My main research focuses on searches for short bursts of gravitational waves with unmodelled waveforms. Sources of such signals include merging binary neutron stars and core-collapse supernovae. As a member of the Burst Analysis Group in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, I contribute to the ongoing search for gravitational wave signals in data acquired by the LIGO (USA) and GEO 600 (UK-German) detectors. I am also interested in the use of data analysis methods that combine data from multiple detectors in an effort to increase signal strengths and, thus, their detectability. In addition, I am involved in searches for gravitational waves associated with astronomical observations in the electromagnetic spectrum (eg. radio, X-ray and gamma-ray frequency observations). I am also interested in the use of gravitational waveforms predicted by numerical relativity simulations in gravitational wave data analysis.