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Prof. Giles Hammond

Prof. Giles Hammond

Prof. Giles Hammond

Deputy Director of the IGR, Professor


Publications (Glasgow eprint repository)

Research Interests:

(i) development of a vacuum Kelvin probe to study the migration/distribution of charge on samples of fused silica/silicon as a function of surface cleanliness and the study of patch potentials on the surface of gold. The use of UV light to discharge non-conductive samples in advanced gravitational wave detectors.

(ii) optimisation and fabrication of circular cross-section fused silica fibres for suspending the optics in advanced detectors. The fibres taper in the middle in order to provide the optimum design in terms of thermal noise and violin mode resonances.

(iii) cryogenic techniques and sensors for advanced gravitational wave detectors.

More details can be obtained from visiting my Personal Homepage.