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Dr Borja Sorazu

Dr Borja Sorazu

Dr Borja Sorazu

Honorary Research Fellow



Publications (Glasgow eprint repository)

My research interest focuses on high precision measurement science, in particular on advanced interferometry and thermal noise reduction for the development of ground-based gravitational wave interferometer detectors. This includes the development and implementation of length sensing and control schemes (analogue and digital); high performance, low noise laser frequency and amplitude stabilization; direct interferometric measurements of test-mass thermal noise; interferometry with higher-order Laguerre-Gauss beams; and characterisation and commissioning of the gravitational wave detectors Advanced LIGO (US detectors) and GEO 600 (GEO-HF, German/British detector).

I am also interested on novel non-contact and non-destructive photoacoustic imaging techniques for measurement of the mechanical properties of materials and thin films, with applications on structural health monitoring and non-destructive testing.

Another interest of mine is to apply micro-computer solutions (f.i. Raspberry Pi) to a variety of practical problems and for outreach applications. 'LIGO in your hands' highly portable and interactive Michelson interferometer is a recent example of this interest, you can find a short demo video here.

Teaching: I teach the Optics course for 2nd year undergraduate Physics and supervise the Laboratory 'Skills revolution' tutorials for 3rd year undergraduate Physics. Previously I taught the module Electricity, Electronics and Magnetism II for the Level 1 course Physics 1 and supervised Workshop/tutorials for this course, I have also taught the Physics module 'Energy in the Environment' for the Level 1 course Environmental Biology I and Environmental Science I. I have also supervised 4th year MSc project literature review groups and I have supervised multiple postgraduate MSc and BSc projects.