Office: Room 351, Kelvin building

Phone: x6435

I am currently the IT Administrator in the Institute for Gravitational Research.

Previous work:

  • Characterisation of hydroxide-catalysed bonds using electron microscopy and AFM (50%), IT administration (%50). (IGR, thermal noise)
  • Nanoanalytical electron microscopy of sub-100 nm III-V MOSFETS for digital applications (EPSRC grant GR/S61218/01, in conjunction with Freescale Inc). (SSP, analytical)
  • High speed (GHz) characterisation of micron-scale magnetic devices. Magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) instrumentation. (SSP, magnetism)
  • Data acquisition programming for pixelated ion beam profiling system and retinal sampling electrode array systems (PPE, detectors group).
  • Characterisation of magnetic force microscopy tips (Ph.D. work, SSP)