Currently taught courses:

  • Quantum Theory (Physics 4M)

  • The Problem Solving Workshop (Physics 5M)

Previously taught courses:

  • Relativistic Quantum Fields (Physics 5M)

  • Particles, Forces and the Big Bang (Exploring the Cosmos 1Y)

  • Mapping the Universe (Exploring the Cosmos 1Y)

  • Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
    This course was given as part of the SUPA Graduate Lectures in Particle & Nuclear Physics.

  • Atomic Systems (Part 1) (Physics 4H)

  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics (Part 2) (Physics 5M)

  • Mathematical Methods II (Part I) (Physics 3M, Physics 4M)

  • Dynamics and Relativity (Part II) (Physics 1X).

  • Biological and Environmental Physics (Physics 1Q).

  • Introductory QED and QCD
    This course was given as part of the RAL HEP Summer School.