I investigate the collider phenomenology of models beyond the Standard Model, in particular models with extended Higgs sectors and supersymmetry. I am also interested in top quark physics as a window to new physics and possible dualities of Yang-Mills theory with gravity.

Recent topics have included:

  • investigations of Grand Unification under the symmetry groups SO(10) and SU(5);
  • the Higgs boson coupling to gauge bosons using jet substructure;
  • fitting a top quark effective theory, including all dimension-6 operators, to LHC data;
  • the phenomenology of a constrained version of the Exceptional (E6) Supersymmetric Standard Models (E6SSM), which is inspired by Grand Unification under the group E6;
  • an evaluation of the lepton asymmetry generated in the early universe within the E6SSM.

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