Theoretical Particle Physics Seminars 2020/2021

For speaker suggestions, please contact All seminars this academic year are being held via Zoom.

Date Time Speaker Institute Title
7/10/20 14:00 Daniel Hatton University of Glasgow Current status of lattice calculations for g-2
Panagiotis Stylianou University of Glasgow Sensing cascade decays through Neural Network memory
21/10/20 14:00 Laurence Cooper University of Glasgow Investigating the long-distance effects from charmonium on B->K l^+ l^-
11/11/20 14:00 Sudip Jana Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg Resolving electron and muon g-2 within the 2HDM
25/11/20 14:00 Benjamin Pecjak IPPP, Durham University Higgs decay to fermion pairs at NLO in SMEFT
9/12/20 14:00 David Wilson University of Cambridge Decays of an exotic 1−+ hybrid meson resonance in QCD
13/1/21 14:00 Alberto Tonero Carleton University, Ottowa An asymptotically safe SU(5) GUT
27/1/21 14:00 Sebastian Ellis IPhT, Saclay Oscillation Probes of Leptonic Unitarity: Present & Future
10/2/21 14:00 Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic Perimeter Institute, Waterloo Multi-Higgs Production Probes Higgs Flavor
24/2/21 14:00 Akanksha Bhardwaj University of Glasgow A deep (learning) insight into invisible Higgs search through Vector Boson Fusion
10/3/21 16:30 Xing Wang University of California, San Diego Searching for new physics at future muon colliders
25/3/21 16:00 Brian Colquhoun York University, Toronto Heavy-light tetraquarks with lattice QCD
8/4/21 16:00 Francisco J. de Anda Tepatitlán's Institute for Theoretical Studies Viable Full Unification of the Standard Model into E_8
22/4/21 14:00 Randy Lewis York University, Toronto Lattice gauge theory on quantum computers
5/5/21 14:00 Sanjoy Mandal IFIC, Spain Vacuum stability in dynamical seesaw models
11/5/21 15:00 Christine Davies University of Glasgow Turning the screws on the Standard model: theory predictions for the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon
19/5/21 16:00 Clara Murgui Caltech Unification at the TeV scale: Flavour anomalies and muon (g-2)
2/6/21 14:00 Andreas Bally Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg SU(6) gauge-Higgs grand unification
23/6/21 14:00 Sebastian Bruggisser Heidelberg University Testing the Flavour Structure of the SMEFT

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