I am a theoretical physicist working in the Particle Physics Theory (PPT) group at the University of Glasgow. I am interested in how theories of fundamental particles manifest at large, high energy particle colliders, such as the CERN Large Hadron Collider, which began operations in 2009. Feel free to take a closer look at my research, publications and scientific talks using the links to the left.

I am also a Reader in the School of Physics & Astronomy, and I am currently teaching courses "Quantum Theory" and the "Problem Solving Workshop". You can find resources for my teaching on my teaching subpage.

I read my B.Sc. at Edinburgh University and my Ph.D. at Durham. I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Rutherford Lab Theory Group, the DESY Theory Group and Edinburgh University and a fellow of the CERN Theory Division. I came to Glasgow in 2004 as a PPARC (now STFC) Advanced Fellow, with a proletic appointment as lecturer.

One should try not to confuse me with the David J. Miller who is a particle physicist at UCL, nor the David J. Miller in the School of Life Sciences.