Welcome to the Institute for Gravitational Research at the University of Glasgow

The work of this institute, supported by STFC funding, is concentrated on the development of detectors to search for gravitational waves from astrophysical sources. The main areas of research are precision novel interferometric techniques and the development of systems of ultra low mechanical loss for the suspensions of mirror test masses. The group is also involved in the space-based LISA mission as well as data analysis activities within the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.

Cosmic Symphony

Our pilot project tests how far into the universe people can hear the characteristic "chirping" sound of two neutron stars rapidly orbiting each other and merging into a black hole somewhere in a distant galaxy. We have simulated many of these signals and hidden them in real gravitational wave data from the 2 LIGO detectors located in North America. If you can spare ten minutes to listen to these audio samples and tell us if you were able to hear our hidden signals then you will be significantly contributing to our effort. Cosmic Symphony webpage.

  • Fellowship Opportunities

    We aim to attract and retain the very best researchers in the field, and have previously been successful in supporting a limited number of strong candidates in applying for prestigious Fellowships.

  • Postgraduate study

    Interested in a PhD in physics? Please talk to us - we are always happy to show people around the group and answer any questions you might have about postgraduate studies.

  • Undergraduate study

    We offer research projects for both P&A students (4th and 5th year, allocated at the project fair), and for students (both local and further afield) over the summer period.