Prof. Stefan Hild

Prof. Stefan Hild

Prof. Stefan Hild


Room 250

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I am a Professor in the Institute for Gravitational Research at the University of Glasgow. My research focuses on the development of techniques to enhance ground-based laser-interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors, such as Advanced LIGO. Our work tries to answer questions such as: How can you make photons stiffer than diamond? How can we measure spacetime without encountering the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle? Who does the Universe sound? In addition I also dedicate some of my research to smart grid applications and the integration of renewable energy sources into future grids.

Currently my main topics are:

Before joining Glasgow University I worked on the commissioning of GEO600 (Signal-Recycling, low loss optics, calibration, optical readout, data characterisation, vetos etc) and on the design of the Advanced Virgo Core Interferometer (This design obtained in 2009 the funding of the Advanced Virgo project).