LISA clean laboratory

Location: 133a

Close-up picture of fully bonded LISA Pathfinder optical bench

This cleanroom (ISO class 7, with class 3 laminar flow cabinets) is where components and assemblies for LISA Pathfinder and the main LISA mission are constructed and evaluated. The main optical benches for these missions are constructed here, using the hydroxide catalysis bonding technique to manufacture quasi-monolithic optical components and benches. This work requires optical components to be aligned and bonded with high precision, and to achieve this the lab houses:

  • Computer controlled coordinate measurement machine (DEA Global Image) with 1×0.7×0.5 m measurement volume, Renishaw probe. Accuracy <10 microns over measurement volume
  • Two six axis micro-manipulating Physik Instrument M-824 Hexapods
  • Multiple servo-controlled 1064 nm Nd:YAG light sources and associated passive and active optics and measurement devices
  • Hydroxide-catalysis bonding facilities, including class 3 laminar flow cabinets
  • Space-qualified optical and structural adhesive facilities (two-part and UV cure)
  • Thermal cycling and thermal vacuum cycling facility, -10°C to +50°C. Vacuum chamber with internal dimensions 600mm diameter and depth 500mm. Pumped by an oil-free turbo pump (Edwards STP301) and thermally driven by a Julabo FP50HE. The chamber has multiple optical and electrical feedthroughs.