Extreme Light Group

Open positions


Prof. Daniele Faccio (Professor of Quantum Technologies)
Dr Ashley Lyons (RAeng Research Fellow, Proleptic Lecturer)
Dr Adetunmise Dada Lecturer)
Dr Hugo Defienne (Lecturer)

Research Associates

Dr. Maria Chiara Braidotti - Quantum optics and GR analogues
Dr. Ilya Starshynov - Quantum imaging and dynamic light control
Dr. Marko Toros - Quantum fundamentals
Dr. Kevin Mitchell - Epsilon-Near-Zero physics
Dr. Ewan McGhee - Physics for Life Sciences - Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy
Dr. Vytautas Zickus - Physics for Life Sciences - quantum cameras for bio-imaging
Dr. Areeba Fatima - Physics for Life Sciences - computational techniques for bio-imaging
Dr. Haobo Li - Medical Imaging
Dr. Samuel Nerenberg - Imaging technologies
Dr. Richard Lane - Single Photon Imaging in bio-systems
Dr. Muhammad Diyan - mmWave imaging
Dr. Chaitanya Kaul - AI imaging

PhD students

Raul Mendoza - Quantum Imaging
Valentin Kapitany - Computational Imaging for Life Sciences
Marion Cromb - Quantum concepts
Jack Radford - Diffuse optical tomography
Gao Wang - Ghost imaging
Philip Binner - Diffuse Imaging
Patrick Cameron - Quantum Imaging
Oilver Neill - Photonic Neuromorphics
Khaled Kassem - Imaging
Marco Aversa - AI imaging
Marija Vaskeviciute - Computational Imaging

Previous group members and students

Radivoje Prizia - Quantum optics and GR analogues
Dr. Piergiorgio Caramazza - Imaging technologies
Dr. Yash Shah - Quantum optics and metasurfaces
Dr. Charles Altuzarra - Quantum and bio-imaging
Lucrezia Cester - SPAD camera applications
Dr. Bienvenu Ndgano - Quantum sensing
Dr. Vincenzo Bruno - Epsilon-Near-Zero physics
Ahmed Elmubarak - LIDAR
Christy Simpson - Quantum optics
Dr. Yongzhuang Zhou - Physics for Life Sciences - quantum cameras for bio-imaging
Gabriella Musarra - Imaging technologies
Calum Maitland (Biancalana group) - Light in rotating media
Niclas Westerberg (PhD student) - Analogue gravity and photon superfluids - theory
Dr. James Brooks (Research Associate) - Remote sensing
Abhijit Pendse (visiting PhD student) - Photon superfluid theory
Dr. Omair Ghafur (Research Associate) - Computational Imaging technology
Dr. Angus Prain (Marie-Curie Fellow) - Analogue gravity - theory
Dr. Thomas Roger (Research Associate) - Nonlinear light-matter interaction in novel geometries
Dr. Kali Wilson (Research Associate) - Photon superfluids
Dr. Alessandro Boccolini (Research Associate) - Computational Imaging technologies
Dr. Stefano Vezzoli (Research Associate) - Quantum optics
Hatef Dinparasti (PhD student) - Classical and quantum effects in time-dependent media
Dr. Lucia Caspani (Marie-Curie Fellow) - Quantum optics and N-photon states
Dr. David Vocke (Research Associate) - Photon superfluids
Chester Moore (PhD student) - Photon superfluids
Genevieve Gariepy (PhD student) - Femtocamera and quantum imaging technologies
Rishad Kaipurath (PhD student) - Time refraction and metamaterial nonlinearities
Shraddha Rao (PhD student) - Novel nonlinear interaction geometries
Dr. Matteo Clerici (Research Associate) - THz and quantum technologies
Dr. Constantin Aniculaesei (Research Associate) - Novel Imaging technologies
Julius Heitz (former MPhys student) - Nonlinear dynamics in chi2/chi3 media - experiments
Mihail Petev (MSc student) - Computational imaging
Dr. Chunyong Li (Research Associate) - Experimental officer, pulse compression techniques
Dr. Daniel Moss (Research Associate)
Dr. Eleonora Rubino (Research Associate) - Hawking radiation and mode conversion at optically induced horizons
Antonio Lotti (PhD) - Extreme nonlinear optics and attosecond pulse generation
Paolo Polesana (PhD) - Conical Waves in nonlinear optics and applications
Alessandro Averchi (PhD) - Conical Waves: therole of phase and group velocity in nonlinear processes
Mahboubeh Ghalandari (PhD) - Optics in moving media
Christopher King (BSc) - Dynamical Casimir effects
Vera Sala (MSc) - Experimental observation of Hawking radiation
Fabio Bonaretti (MSc) - Novel phase and amplitude reconstruction techniques for ultrashort laser pulses

External Collaborations

University of Arizona, Tucson USA - E. Wright, J. Moloney, M. Kolesik
University of Southampton - N. Zheludev, H. Ulbricht
Heriot-Watt University - J. Leach, E. Gauger
University of Edinburgh - R. Hendersons
University of Vilnius, Lithuania - A. Dubietis
Politecnico di Milano, Italy - F. Villa, F. Zappa
ICFO, Spain - V. Pruneri
University of Exeter, UK - J. Bertolotti

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